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Sibashis Mahapatra

IIM Calcutta - Co 2025

After receiving the PI call for IIM Calcutta's MBA-Ex program, I was looking for experienced individuals who could conduct Mock PI sessions. I discussed with a few people and reached out to PrepShape. I had a brief conversation  with Mr. Muzammil Hussain  and he gave me  valuable advice on potential interview questions based on my profile. Although I felt somewhat underconfident during my first Mock PI, Muzammil Sir and Abhik Sir helped me ease out the anxiety post Mock-PI and provided me a detailed feedback & tips that  significantly boosted my confidence in subsequent mock interviews and proved instrumental in my IIM-C PI. Additionally, their insights on behavioural questions proved beneficial in other B-school interviews. I'm sincerely grateful to the IIM Calcutta alumni duo, Muzammil Sir and Abhik Sir, for helping me secure admission offers from some of the top B-schools. I wish Team PrepShape continued success in the future.

Other Offers: Schulich School of Business Toronto, IIM Udaipur

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Sampath Gelam-pic2.jpg

Sampath Gelam

IIM Ahmedabad - Co 2025

My journey to B School is incomplete without the efforts of Prepshape. With limited experience of interview as I worked in Public Sector for past 9 years, I needed much help in crafting compelling answers to the Interview preparation and navigating the intricacies of different programs, I knew I needed guidance. That's when I discovered Prepshape.
From the initial consultation, I was impressed by Muzammil & Abhik  professionalism and personalized approach. They took the time to understand my unique work profile, diverse goals, strengths, and aspirations. Their expertise in the evaluation of candidate was invaluable, providing insights into school wise preparation and interview strategies.
Muzammil  went above and beyond to evaluate my answers and ensured that I gave my best for the preparation. Their guidance on interview preparation was valuable, equipping me with the confidence and skills to present myself authentically and answer complex questions thoughtfully.
Although Abhik was critical in his approach in evaluating my interview but it has helped me a lot to face unfamiliar situation during my IIMA interview and rather the mocks helped me to prepare for the worst. Their unwavering dedication played a significant role in alleviating the stress and anxiety associated with the interview.
I am thrilled to share that I have converted all my calls with 100% conversion ratio and I have received acceptance from IIMA and IIMC. This achievement would not have been possible without the invaluable support and guidance of Prepshape. If you are considering Interview Preparation for MBA and seeking expert guidance, I highly recommend Prepshape for Interview preparation. Their personalized approach, industry expertise, and unwavering support make them an invaluable partner in your journey towards achieving your academic aspirations.

Other Offers: IIM Calcutta

Geetanjali Joshi

IIM Lucknow - Co 2025

PrepShape, led by Abhik Sir and Muzammil Sir, is a paradigm of excellence. Initially seeking aid for IIM Ahmedabad, their
adaptability became evident when circumstances directed me
toward IIM Lucknow. Their understanding and willingness to
reschedule sessions, even providing written questions post session, displayed unparalleled commitment.
What truly distinguished them was their treatment of my non-traditional background. As someone with diverse experiences in healthcare and education, I struggled to see these as assets.
PrepShape ingeniously reframed these experiences as strengths, emphasizing adaptability and a holistic perspective crucial in the business world. Their flexibility extended beyond time constraints; during connectivity issues, they seamlessly transitioned the interview to a phone call. Their support didn't halt with time limits; they remained dedicated to my success.
To conclude, PrepShape transcends traditional consultancy. Their adaptability, personalized guidance, and knack for transforming weaknesses into strengths make them invaluable partners in the pursuit of top-tier business education. Their ability to craft a compelling narrative out of diverse backgrounds is unmatched, making them a beacon for unconventional profiles.

Other Offers: IIM Indore, UNC Kenan-Flagler USA

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Deepti Sharma - photo.jpg

Deepti Sharma

IIM Calcutta - Co 2025

I reached out to the Prepshape Team just 5 days before my IIMC interview. Both Muzammil and Abhik first got on a call with me to understand my academic and professional background and also my target role and industry post MBA. Then the very next day, I had my first mock interview which went on for 45 minutes. Both Muzammil and Abhik asked me different sorts of questions. After the mock interview, they provided in depth feedback mentioning areas I am good at and areas where I need to work. This feedback was a 45 minute long conversation and it was really instrumental in helping me do course correction. We had one more 1.5 hour mock interview in a similar fashion. These mock interviews really helped me increase my interview stamina and helped me to introspect and come up with better answers. Abhik has product management experience and Muzammil has experience in consulting and supply chain. Their vast experiences facilitated my mock interview with a variety of questions and helped me think about things from a different perspective. Thank you Prepshape Team for helping me in interview preparation.

Dharam Pratap Singh

IIM Calcutta - Co 2025

Thanks to Abhik and Muzammil, my MBA practice interviews were incredibly beneficial. Their advice not only improved my interview skills but also boosted my confidence. The detailed feedback they provided and the realistic practice interviews were invaluable. Their guidance on handling various types of questions was amazing, and they analyzed my profile thoroughly, offering key suggestions. I highly recommend Prep-Shape to anyone preparing for MBA interviews.

Other Offers: IIM Indore

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Vineeth V-pic.jpg

Vineeth V

IIM Calcutta - Co 2025

First of all, I would like to thank Muzammil and Abhik for helping me through my admission journey. I reached out to prep shape just a few days prior to my interview, but they were more than happy to help me with mock PIs. Their insights helped a great deal in my interview preparation and confidence building. They gave me structured feedback on all my answers. I recommend Prep Shape to MBA aspirants for mentorship and guidance. Cheers to you both.

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Sunil Pilaka

IIM Bangalore - Co 2025

I contacted PrepShape for my mock interviews and they really helped me have clarity of thought on why mba and articulate my thoughts in a more structured way. Both Abhik and Muzammil are very patient and gives excellent constructive feedback. Their mock interviews made me ready for real interviews. I would really recommend their guidance in MBA preparation and mock interviews.

Other Offers: IIM Calcutta

Siddharth Pujari

IIM Bangalore - Co 2025

I connected with PrepShape before my IIMC interview. Given the nature of IIMC interviews, I was looking for guidance from the alumni who have cleared the process. And this strategy helped a big time in boosting my confidence for interview process. Muzammmil and Abhik study the profile from different dimensions which helps in uncovering variety of questions. The 50 min interview sessions, mimicking the two-panel arrangement, help build the stamina in stressful situations. Future aspirants can strongly benefit from the mentorship of PrepShape. Best regards to the team.

Other Offers: IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta

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Ankit Gupta.JPG

Ankit Gupta

ISB Hyderabad - Co 2023

Prepshape helped me with the interview preparation by covering all the major possible questions related to my profile and providing me with feedback on the areas which needed improvement. The feedback was very crucial to fill up gaps in my preparation and helped me in clearing my anxieties before the actual interview so I was able to structure my responses better.

Other Offers: IIM Calcutta

M Shankar

IIM Calcutta - Co 2022

The PrepShape team helped me with interview prep and application review. Trust me they are very helpful, I just approached them through Linkedin and they were ready to help straight away for IIMC process. The PrepShaper took time after his work and we had mock interview post mid night and I did not feel any tiredness in his tone or him trying to finish it soon. It went for 1.5 hours and I had my feedback by morning. Cheers to the team.

M Shankar
Arunish Mukherjee.jpeg

Arunish Mukherjee

IIM Calcutta - Co 2022

Thanks for being so helpful in my preparation for GMAT and for suggesting me important pointers for a strong IIM Calcutta application. Although there is a lot to mention in terms of guidance but would like to highlight following few critical points:

A. Guidance on interview questions and topics to be covered before interview.

B. Tips on SOP for making it crisp and adding points relevant to IIM Calcutta One year MBA.

C. Helping me out with suggestion on individuals in my company who could help regarding LOR.

D. Suggestions regarding data available on IIM Calcutta website & placement Document review.

I would like to thank you again for your kind support and guidance.

Priyanka Biswas

XLRI Jamshedpur - Co 2021

It was a big task and new for me to wirte application essays. But this was made methodical by a PrepShaper. He guided me into the right direction which helped me think more and bring out points in the essays, which were relevant, and impactful. Thereafter, mock interviews with the PrepShape team helped me identify my strengths and improvement points. Following their feedback, I made great improvement, gained confidence and learned the art of story telling - all of which helped me secure admits from IIML and XLRI.

Thanks a lot PrepShape.

Other Offers: IIM Lucknow

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Sakshi Gopal.jpeg

Sakshi Gopal

ISB Mohali - Co 2022

I connected with the PrepShape team while seeking guidance on my MBA interview for Indian B schools. They not only assisted me by sharing their own experiences, but also helped me by conducting a mock interview. It was my first experience and was bombarded with difficult but relevant questions. They also provided me with a well-documented response sheet with honest reviews. This response sheet and interview helped me a lot to face my IIMs - ISB interview, and put me in a comfortable position. The team put extra efforts on my profile and helped me crack ISB. Really appreciate their time and hard work; I hope PrepShape's initiative will help other B school aspirants too

Thanks a lot PrepShape.

Ankit Verma

IIM Calcutta - Co 2022

I tried connecting with a PrepShaper through LinkedIn. He was really prompt in responding. I was really short on time during complete application process. I cleared GMAT 2 weeks before the application deadline and got a interview call within a week. I was looking for someone who could guide me through the interview process and expectations. This was the point where team PrepShape came to my rescue. The team agreed for a call on a short notice where one of them took me through his interview experience. I got the flavor of what all I can expect during the interview. He suggested me what all areas I should focus on in terms of general and background specific questions that can be asked. He also gave some useful tips on do's and don'ts which were really helpful. Biggest takeaway for me was the boost in my confidence. Before interacting with PrepShape I was really doubting myself on various parameters like GMAT score, work experience and complete profile. But after this interaction I was really confident of my candidature and believed that if I prepare well for the interview I really have a chance. I was in regular touch with him for clearing any doubts. Finally the day came and I must say that my interview went so smooth that I was 100% confident of my selection. My confidence didn't disappoint me and I got admission offer from IIMC. A big thanks to team PrepShape for all the guidance throughout. Wouldn't have been possible without them. Not only till interview, I still approach him for any kind of guidance required. Not sure of other other things but definitely found friends for life.

Thanks a lot PrepShape.

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Abhishek Goswami

Abhishek Goswami

IIM Ahmedabad - Co 2023

With barely a week to go before my application deadlines, I was just clueless as to how should I go ahead, what structure to follow, what all to be mentioned in the application and what all needs to be skipped. Sensing my nervousness, a friend of mine introduced me to PrepShape. I got in touch with them, and despite their busy schedule, they were so helpful right from the start. I was totally under-prepared with my applications and was almost hopeless, but they expedited the whole process and gave me a straightforward plan to follow. I got to know the art of power writing through the PrepShaper's feedbacks and reviews on my application. The advice he gave me and the essays he fine-tuned for me helped me in all my applications. He helped me with my interview preparation by conducting mock interviews. It was a seamless process and I would recommend their guidance/mentorship to anyone seeking end-to-end consulting right from getting a good GMAT score to finally receiving the desired admit.

Other Offers: IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore

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