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Abhik Nag

A typical profile – Male, IT, Indian, no onsite experience. Who would have thought that this guy can make it to one of the best B-schools, IIM Calcutta with a low GMAT score? His grit kept him going, and now, with 6 years of work experience he is leading Change Management for his firm and clients.

MBA could have been a luxury, but making it a necessity kept him in the game. He is a motivator, who has been guiding candidates through intricate details of B-school interviews, helping them build upon strengths and be prepared.

IIM Calcutta | Co 2020

Other Offers: XLRI Jamshedpur

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Muzammil Hussain

An IT professional for a while, whose crave towards business strategy led him to toil and graduate from IIM Calcutta, on the verge of reaching 7 years work experience. Now working as a Consultant, shaping business strategies and supply chain functions for clients worldwide, with a blend of technology.

An MBA was his turning point, which is for many. He has been helping candidates realize this dream through application essay reviews, interview preparations and painting a vivid picture of life in a B-school.

IIM Calcutta | Co 2020

Other Offers: IIM Lucknow

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